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I'm done with Excel, there's no exam. At 4 today (it's currently nearing 3) I have an Office procedures exam. I'm not worried, as I barely cracked open the book and have a 95 in the class. Tomorrow at 10am is the Leadership class. As long as there aren't a lot of questions about the names of assorted studies I'll be fine. I could not show up for the exam at all and still come out with an 81 in the class. I'll show up though. I'm trying to see just how high of a grade I can make in there. Thursday at 1 is the Math. Factoring. Yikes. I'll print out the study guide and answers at the school today. My printer is out of ink and as long as it's school related stuff I can print out whatever there.
What I really want is a nap. However, what will happen is the exam, come home, start on supper, but I'm definitely going to bed early tonight. I have been foggy all day long.

When exams are over, I think maybe we'll get the Christmas decorations up. Next weekend (not the upcoming one) I'm going to Auburn to paint the walls of the new house. A friend and her husband have said they'd come too, but I'm not holding them to that. I'd love it if they did but...not holding them to it. It would send Mom into a swivet because I didn't let her know of it 5 months in advance.

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