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Apr. 25th, 2015

Eli found a place to go for the weekend. His friend, Andrew, invited him there. Yay for him! A thing to do! Andrew's grandparents will bring Eli home tomorrow sometime. I will go to church and the potluck lunch. Yum. I do love a potluck, even though half of Ohio apparently caught botulism at one. I a. Going to cook that pork roast, because Eli and I have both sworn off pork and it needs to get used. Pork roast in the crock pot, with stuffing.

I offered to take Will to work at 1:00, due to the pouring rain which isn't pouring but I will give him a ride anyway, because I am getting him at 6:00.

We are going up to Dublin to pick up Andrea and bring her back. Girl has no way of getting here on her own and apparently doesn't know about busses that's ok, it is a chance to spend time with Will.

And I don't really have anything else to do today. The plan was to get lightly pasted on Redd's Hard Cider this evening, and eat Doritoes while watching movies. I was going to Get Andrea last night but Eli was 4:00 getting done at school, and had work afterward-a 3hour grass cutting job, and that meant 7:30 or later getting away, which meant 10:00 or later getting home from Dublin and I don't like driving at night, but I will tonight anyway, just not as long. Maybe 1/2 hour of dusk type stuff. Since I have no idea where she lives and don't want to particularly meet her family without backup, I have to wait for Will to get off work. Her family, by all accounts, is Rough.

So...so much for lightly pasted and movies. Maybe some other weekend. Not next, as Eli has state soccer championship Friday until midnight, the family reunion all day Saturday and something else on Sunday.

I am trying really hard not to be upset...my 50th birthday is Monday of that week, and Terry isn't here with me. The boys won't remember, nor will they remember Mothers Day, because boys never do. I am not so upset about that as I am that Terry isn't here to make me feel like a queen, and doing it yourself isn't the same. I am going to send flowers to Judy and Mom, though.

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