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It all started out so well, sleeping pretty well. Then around 2, my gall bladder started acting up and hurting. So I laid there, groggy and hoping it would go away on it's own. It never does. Then Lily started barking around 3. Ignoring her never works, so I got up to llet the dogs out and drank a glass of milk, which usually helps with the gall bladder issue, and sat in the recliner. Going back to bed when the dogs are up is useless beeause they sit at the bottom of the stairs and yodel until I come back down. Fine. Eventually the pain settled down, but Lacy started scratching THUMPTHUMPTHUMP so I told her to stop. then she heard something outside and ran out full speed barking the whole time. So I called her a shithead and put her in her crate. Things settled down and I was able to snooze a bit, though not nearly enough. I heard my alarm (music) come on and knew it was 5:30. Also coffee maker noises. So about 5:40 I got up to pour a cup of coffee and...the coffee was light brown warm water. You have got to be kidding me. The coffee maker didn't work. Today of all days. I am not sure there is a back up plan so it may wind up being Cowboy Coffee (that is, boiled on the stove. A shame to do with those Honduran El Jaguar beans John gave us for Christmas, but needs must.)

and there is no time for a nap as it's my job to serve lunch at the school today.

maybe all this is to make up for the fine day yesterday,

Maybe I'll just pull throuh Eliano's and get some coffee on the way to school.

ok, the coffee maker worked this time. Maybe today won't be so bad after all.  I a going to let Eli sleep 30 minutes longer.

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