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Good news! Chandler the Electrician changed out the breaker and now the stove works like a charm!

Bad News! In between his diagnoses, and coming to fix it the next day, the water heater died! Since I was going to Home Depot anyway (in Pooler, about a 40 minute drive) to order toilets for the New House ( online wasn't working. I could order but had to go to a store to pay), I got a fixit set (thermostats and heating elements) for the water heater (after consultation with dad). Not expensive=$27. I forgot to get the weird size socket for removing the old elements tho. I called Chandler and he said he could change all that out no problem, and would look for the socket at Lowes when he was getting the new breaker. He got the thermostats changed, but couldn't find the socket. So, there's power to the heater, but still no hot water. Elemental, my dear! David's going to run back down to Pooler, and look for the $2 socket thing. The Home Depot and Lowes are about 500 yards apart. Changing the elements is super simple (I googled and youtubed it), you just unscrew the old ones, pull them out, and screw in the new ones.

More bad news! The microwave oven died! They say bad things happen in 3's, and that's 3 things. David wants to take it apart and build a Tesla Death Ray.

Last night I was feeling irritated, discouraged, and sorry for myself. While sadly cleaning the cornbread pan after dinner (at least the stove works now!), Amanda looked over and said "Why don't you go take a nice hot bath?" I stared at her for 2 seconds and she shouted (remember she's from Long Island) "OH FUCK ME!" and I started giggling. That fixed the sads and I felt better. She, however, felt like a bloomin' idiot and apologized for the next 30 minutes, for both the bath comment and the profanity.

I went to bed counting my blessings: God loves me, a warm house, a great family, Amanda has a job and starts Monday, I'm healthy, Will's doing great, Eli has his job back, so many, many things. Having no hot water is a very, very minor inconvenience, and having no microwave ain't any thang at all. (plus there's a spare one that was in Terry's Mancave)

I've been told that perhaps the house has learned of the new house, and is jealous.


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Nov. 12th, 2016 12:33 pm (UTC)
'Elemental, my dear.' Chortle.

Jealous new house sounds about right.

Amanda is wonderful. What a blessing!

Someone should wake up Home Depot, however, and make them let people pay online.
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