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I let Eli stay home from school yesterday, on the condition that he caught up his missing assignments from English. He gets to stay home today as well, we are going to Savannah. Because we want to. (My English instructor would scowl at those last sentences. Too bad, I'm not doing this for a grade.)
CJ called this morning, and I panicked. He never calls in the morning. He said it was because he hadn't called in a few days, due to his phone being broken from sitting on it while riding his motor cycle. We cried together for a few minutes, then he filled me in on the news from there. Things are a little tense between him and Sidney, but not anything they can't work out.
I haven't heard from Will or David yesterday or today (yet). Apparently (according to Eli), David has a girlfriend. I hope he doesn't scare her off. he can be kind of intense and having a girlfriend is a brand new experience for him. Pray that they will be mature about this. Will did call, so I take back the not hearing from him part. He is doing ok, but thinks he won't get the library job as it is taking him longer to do the certification studies than he thought it would. I said maybe they would hire someone else, who wouldn't work out then the position would be back open. He said yeah, but I think that is an excuse to not study. He is getting plenty of hours at the theater now, and is making excuses again. Same song, 27th verse. Oh well, I love him, and it's his life.
Right now, my heart hurts, and is heavy, and it's just a thing we have to plow through. So plow we are. Heave ho.
School is going well, we are in a chapter about HR and I am really fascinated by it. The instructor thinks my personality would work well in HR and wants to discuss the possibilities with me later. There will an entire semester on HR later on, which he also teaches. I remember a few years ago talking over work ideas with Terry, and he also thought I would do HR well. So hm. Only, I am not sure I want a full time job. On the other hand, it's kind of a Mon-Fri-8-5 sort of thing. So maybe.
It is strange and interesting, the doors that are opening up around me. Close one huge door and 47 smaller ones crack open for me to peek through. I did a job search in the Auburn Opelika area, and there are several HR type available, including Auburn University, which would mean amazing benefits and no kick out the door at 65, I could work for 20 years and get retirement benefits. Wouldn't that be interesting!

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