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O to get out of this place, to see Eli graduated. O to be in my own house not this one full of Terry's unfinished projects and our unfulfilled dreams for the future. I hate changing course and boy howdy has it ever. In Eli's best interest we are staying here. The attorney, 2 pastors, and many experienced people have said it's in his best interest to not upset the apple cart any more than it already has been. Probably in my best interest as well. But This house is full of ghosts.
Once again I need to go from room to room, putting things in boxes, giving stuff away, downsizing, being practical. I am not doing that today. Instead I am going to the sewing room and assembling a dress that was cut out on Tuesday, of linen bought to make a dress for CJ's wedding and didn't get made. It will make a nice Fall dress, long sleeve and longish mid-calf length, looking like a coat sort of thing. A skirt will be made of the same stuff, to wear under with a top, for cooler days. Either bit can be worn alone as well. It's nice fabric and I didn't feel like making another wrap skirt, as satisfying as those are. They take an hour to put together and most of that time is spent at the ironing board, pressing hems and such. I want to get a bunch of them made to sell on Etsy. I can make the skirts and leave them unembroidered so the client can choose a design. They are one-size-fits-most- essentially a medium to extra large (say, size 10 to 20, depending on certain placements of the hole for the waistband, and that can be left off until the order is placed as well)
The carpenter who is going to finish up a job Terry started is willing to do the work in exchange for a bunch of clothing repairs! Huzzah! When I talked to him Sunday, he said he was making enough on his regular job now that he didn't need cash, so I could pay him whatever I thought was fair. I asked him if he had any clothes needing repair (men always do), and would he be willing to swap work for work. He was quite happy with that, and I can do that work while he does his work, and both be finished about the same time. I love bartering. Absolutely love it. I poked him in the chest to remind him of the work, and it was like poking a brick wall. That man needs to find a good young woman. He's sweet natured, generous, hard working, solid Christian, humble...not interested for my sake, but I know of a group of young women...
Speaking of. The Campus Outreach guy's wife is becoming a friend. She's young, talented (makes furniture!), and has asked me to speak to her Outreach girls about How To Find A Husband And What To Look For. She is concerned that all they look at is his Spiritual Nature, and not the other stuff like...is he a friend, how does he treat waitresses, does he have enough ambition to be willing to care for a family and stay home mom (apparently most of these girls are Old Fashioned) (also, Georgia Southern is apparently where you go to get an MRS degree), and she thinks I am the one to do this. Ok then. But only in small groups I am NOT willing to stand before a crowd and give a speech.
Occasionally I feel very sorry for myself, the whole Widow Thing, then I look at my life, the people who have come in it since I lost Terry...and it's actually a pretty good one. As much as I want to get going with The Next Chapter, things don't need to be rushed, and I kind of wish the house were being built here, so I didn't have to start all over again with the friends and all. But that's ok. I can do it.

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