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I am going to make the bedroom MINE. Out with the '90's modern furniture. I will swap the dresser with Eli, who has one the same size but is kind of old fashioned farmhouse style. The chest of drawers will go to Will, who needs one. Eli and possibly David (if he wants it) will get the 2 bedside tables. The headboard will go to whomever wants it even if it's the metal bin at the dump. I am going to hang a lovely quilt on the wall behind the bed as a sort of quasi-headboard.A comfortable rocking chair will go in there as well, where the chest of drawers was. I have a pretty antique small dresser that will make a perfect bedside table, with one of the ones Terry made for the other side. Lace curtains with sheers behind them (for privacy) on the window, and a fresh coat of paint, probably in a soft blue with crisp white trim.The bathroom will get redone as well, with paint to coordinate with the bedroom and some feminine touches like pretty baskets for the sundries.  All of this redo will only cost whatever the paint costs. This will get done this Summer while Eli is gone and I am bored. Maybe even before.  I am ready.  All along in our marriage I have done up things the way I thought Terry would like, even when he said to do them the way I liked. My thinking was "he makes the money, he should be comfortable" so the whole house has this masculine vibe. I will keep the living areas comfortable enough for the boys to be happy, but the bedroom, that's all mine.

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