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lovely. I can feela bladder infection coming on. Fortunately last time I had one, I complained to the doctor that the first round of antibiotics didn't quite work so he prescribed another round. Which I stuck in the cabinet for emergencies like this one. Ta da....a whole course of antibiotics right there no need to see the doctor. Thank You God for my foresight and the feeling a while back that I still needed some.
I hate being up at 3. I have stuff to do that required a clear head. Finding insurance, setting up an IRA. Wade will help with the insurance. I will probably go with the COBRA for a month or so until i work it all out. The IRA should be simple, I just need to set the account up so there is a number to give to the pensions companies, so they can roll over the existing accounts into it. Eli hopefully is sleeping well enough to go to school today. After the appt with the banker I will come home and take a nap. For now, though...I don't know. I can't sleep as long as my brain tells me there are steaming piles of poop next to the chair. There aren't but my brain says there are and it's kind of hard to sleep right now.


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Mar. 12th, 2015 09:08 pm (UTC)
...and over here in mayberry, the smell of cat pee by the desk is actually cat pee. But #1 Daughter is doing her best to clean it up, and no one is coming over for class until Tuesday.

It's the weekend, nothing financial or legal can be done until monday, so sleep, please, if you can.
Mar. 12th, 2015 09:38 pm (UTC)
Baking soda and lemon juice...soak the cat pee spot with the lemon juice then rub in the baking soda, it will foam up. Leave it to dry, the kind of scrub it with a brush to loosen the crusty stuff, and vacuum up. It works great on every other kind of pee, too.

A friend, who is a fancier cook than I am, is bringing dinner. Another friend brought a plate of peanut butter chocolate chip brownie pie and a pack of seeds (to give me something to look forward to)on a plate I am to keep and use to take a treat to someone else in the future, along with a pack of seeds or a gift certificate or something to look forward to like that.

I am navigating the health care site and finding stuff...not as bad as I thought, I can get catastrophic coverage (won't pay for regular dr visits or prescriptions, but all of mine are cheap now) for about $50/month thanks to Obamacare subsidies. Terry is going to crawl his ashy self out of the box and try to haunt me for that, but I will yell at him "YOU DID THIS TO MEEEE" an make him go back in.
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