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Thick with anxiety

So, David has reached his breaking point with his girlfriend. Apparently she belittles him constantly, calls him "fucking idiot" when he doesn't get something done when she thinks it should be, that sort of thing. He told me he's going to break up with her tomorrow. While he's doing that (in a restaurant where he knows everyone), Eli is going to be taking her stuff to her father's house. While I am sad to see it happen, and watch David have the anxiety about doing it that he is, there is no reason he should have to live with that sort of treatment. To have it end 10 years from now with children and divorce and all, that's worse. I am sad for her, as she has no idea what's about to happen and dropping a bomb on her is going to hurt. But, he will feel much better about it afterward and not having to live constantly with "what's she going to call me next" will be a release. He is looking at getting a co-op job this summer with Westinghouse, that will have him in NC. If that doesn't happen, he can go back to his job with Milliken and they will have him cheerfully. He can live with me as long as he's in school (of course, the 3 months of Summer if he's with Milliken, because there's no point in moving out for three months, but I'll charge rent)
I expect her to blow up and demand payback for the stuff she spent on him, and I am going to suggest that is a good idea, but she'll need to deduct the $450/mo/9mos rent, $250/mo groceries, and $15/day car rental since my car was used to get her to and from work. Also, she said she'd clean my house weekly in exchange for rent and that didn't happen AT ALL.3 times she swept the floors. In the whole 9 months. So. There's that. I don't expect it to go smoothly and with no shouting, but that's why he wants to do it publicly in a place where everyone knows him and will have his back. He and I are going to Alabama the next day, as he will need to get away for a bit. Eli will stay here and he'll be safe, as he is armed. Not that I think anything will happen but I'm going to give him the neighbor's phone number anyway. I don't know if she's capable of going full on bat-shit crazy, but still.


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Mar. 10th, 2017 09:38 am (UTC)
Well, this is a surprise. Give him a hug for me, please.
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